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7 Signs You Need a Residential Electrician

You need to stay on top of your home’s electrical system, for multiple reasons. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, electrical malfunctions cause 500,000 house fires or more every year; so electrical issues are certainly safety hazards. They can also simply run up your electricity bills, causing you to spend much more than you necessarily need to every year.

A good residential electrician can be key to ensuring that your home runs safely and efficiently. Let’s look into some of the main signs that you may need to call a residential electrician.

1. Continuous Fuse or Circuit Breaker Issues

One of the main signs that it’s time for you to call a residential electrician is if you keep having the same issues with your fuses or circuit breakers. Namely, that your fuses keep blowing out, or your circuit breaker keeps flipping. This could be an indicator that there are underlying problems with the electrical system.

2. Electrical Buzzing

You may hear a light electrical buzzing in your walls. While this may seem innocuous, it’s sometimes a sign that there are wiring issues within your home’s interior.

3. A Hot Switch Plate or Outlet

Touch your switch plates and outlets every so often. If they are hot, this could be a sign that your home is experiencing serious electrical problems that need to be tended to immediately.

4. A Dud Light Switch

Say you move into a house that has a light switch that doesn’t seem to turn anything on. You’ve checked your lightbulbs, and those are in order. Rather than dismissing the dud light switch as an anomaly, be careful and have an electrician check into it. This could be a sign that the previous homeowner tried to self-install wiring and did something wrong.

5. You’re Being Shocked

If you’re shocked when you touch a light switch, outlet, or other sources of electricity, have an electrician called. This could be a sign that something was improperly installed, or disconnected in some way.

6. Sparking Appliance Fixtures

If your appliance fixtures are sparking, call an electrician immediately. This is a serious warning sign!

7. Flickering Lights

If your light bulbs work and your lights still flicker, call an electrician. You may not be able to fix this issue yourself.

Don’t put off calling an electrician. Reach out as soon as there is trouble.

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